The truth is more important than the facts.
– Frank Lloyd Wright

Research & Advisory


Law enforcement:

 - research in the field of Justice and Home Affairs as well as the evaluation of the impact assessments with specialization in information exchange (and its methods) on police records, criminal and non-criminal records, biometrics, DNA data between law enforcement institutions and agencies and use of this information in pre-trial investigations, courts.



Our experts have an extensive experience in the development of IT products in various fields, including the development of new systems, adaptation and integration of existing systems for financial accounting, project management, office work and accounting data for specific needs of government institutions (such as law enforcement systems, geographical systems).

Service Management. The introduction of service management standards for the IT services company or organization, including the development of appropriate procedures, processes and functions.

IT Products. Consultations and development of IT products: the development of ideas, conceptual development, technical implementation, testing and documentation.

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